A Letter to You, A Letter to Me

Written by Holly W. – February 25th, 2017

I’m sorry about everyone who pumped lies into your head and made you believe you weren’t enough.

I’m sorry that someone broke your heart and made you question your existence.

The people who are unable to love you don’t define you.

And I know that a thousand apologies won’t fix the damage, but I know of a Savior who will

I’m sorry that the person you put your trust in made you never want to trust again, but I know of a man who died to be your everything.

The one to wipe away your tears.

I’m sorry that every relationship has left you with a bitter taste in your mouth and a fear of falling in love.

I’m sorry that this world has told you that your value comes from the way you look and not who you are.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you have a misconception of love because the person who told you how much they loved you is the one that turned on you in the end.

I can promise you that you are worth more than the mistakes you have made and the failures that you feel like you can’t escape from.

I know that every experience prepares us for something, and I wish you didn’t have to go through that pain, but I promise it wasn’t all for nothing.

Your life has value, your life has meaning, God has an individual plan for every heart that is beating.

So take these words and use them as hope, because this is the truth and what God has spoken cannot be unspoke.





Heart of Holl

I am an author in progress. I will be using this blog to share bits and pieces of my poetry and songs as I try to complete my book. Enjoy.